One day we woke up with a new idea that might completely change the Hungarian real estate advertising. We had been searching for the perfect apartment a very long time but usually we couldn't make it because of the unreal pictures in the advertisement or we got stuck at the first personal visit at the flat. So we had the feeling that finding a new apartment is unreachable for us now. Then we started to find a way to solve this problem. Our profession is connected to communication and viral videos as a consequence we created the hellokeco concept which is as simple as it is brilliant. Are you curious now? Here it is:
Do you want to sell or rent your property? Are you maybe a real estate agent who is interested in interactive solutions? Are you disappointed in the online advertising opportunities? We can help you!
You can take photos of your home but we can make a much more meaningful video! We are going to record the video, edit it and provide your personal contact. Essentially we are going to give you a virtual tour which will certainly save you a lot of money and waste of time!
We are going to upload the finalized video on the most popular social video site. Why is it good for you? Because the newest marketing trends showed that videos are playing one of the most relevant key roles in purchasing decisions.
And now we arrived to the most important part! We are going to share the video on the most popular social media sites. So that not only your friends but potential buyers can easily find your ad.



What we do
from 65 EUR + Vat
You can pick more extras:
air video
If you want to show your property in its originally environment.
48,5 EUR + Vat
If you want the interested customers to immediately fall in love with your „dressed-up” apartment, we will help you and let them see their new home in it!
by arrangement
english version
If you want to advertise to abroad or foreigners, we give you an english version video too.
16 EUR + Vat
online ads
Do you need an extra boost? Call us to professional PPC ads.
by arrangement
Order it now!
When it comes to standard real estate ads you can easily spend a bunch of money on advertising and brokerage fee. In turn if you use hellokeco's options you should count with one expense. In addition we will give you an ad which spreads in a relevant medium, which is trendy and much more interesting or interactive than standard ads. Your ad will be active as long as it is available or for maximum 4 months. If you want to reactivate your ad it will cost 16 EUR.
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We are not a real estate agency so that we will not take the responsibility for selling yourproperty. We will take a part in making the video and helping in the spreading of that. In the video we will provide only your personal contacts so the potential buyers will contact you directly. Our service is available for real estate agencies and hostels too.
Who are we?

Anna Zámbó

PR and communication manager

Orsolya Evelin Oláh

Online marketing specialist and project coordinator

Krisztian Szente

Owner of the idea and video producer

Akos Fucsok

Sales manager


Therefore these likeable young people are going to help you in preparing your video ads from the start to the end and will manage it's online spreading. Although they will answer if you contact them!
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